Monday, July 18, 2011

1 White Van, a Few burgers and a Helluva Motley Crew

With a squad session under our belt and lactic acid in our muscles, Olivia and her 'hornet' lead the way to the Blatchford house for a very necessary bite before the long(ish) journey to Boston. Though it was clear Mrs.
Blatchford had essentially bought out the entirety of Walmart's American flag collection, an aura of eagerness and pride was undoubtedly tangible as the team devoured burgers, or in Bean's case the cheese plate.
As we finished up dinner and managed to maneuver approximately 21 bags, 9 people and 1 megaphone into the dimensions of a white van ( in essence our batmobile) we waived goodbye and began our drive.

Now I've been on a few of these, well maybe a few more than a few and mind you we've always been traveling by plane so team mingling or journey experiencing is a foreign feeling to me, but we had the most wonderful and truly incredible thing flowing throughout the van. An air of ease, of comfortableness, of acceptance, of closeness that can only be described in one word TEAM penetrated through the entire vehicle.

Yes we had managed to take 7 completely different girls and become an entity where we could push each other and laugh with each other.

As we arrived at the Hyatt, and were eagerly greeted by offensive ten year old, Darien lacrosse boys we headed to the coaches room for an ''in the clouds' talk where we threw around ideas of team and country representation and then more important things like breakfast and Jack's addiction to team uniformity.

Though we risk things such as 'bodily injury, paralysis, and dismemberment' ( direct quotation from the liability waiver US Squash gave us to sign...) we are ready, ready to fight, ready to enjoy and ready to win.

Olivia Blatchford


  1. We know the girls from the USA are ready to rock and roll !!!!!!

    The Huberman's