Thursday, June 24, 2010

As we began our first full day together, it was clear we would spend most of our time in fits of giggles, sitting around the breakfast table. When we finished our breakfast- much to Katie's delight, the Indian team had arrived and so Katie was given the opportunity to greet her opponent, or so she thought.....Hitting through jetlag, aiming for targets we were able to adapt to the courts and find 'our length' as Jack called it. After a stretch and a bit of music blasting from Haley's ipod touch we piled into the van and headed on back to the Dorint Hotel.

Amanda who had flown in from Egypt at 4 in the morning looking surprisingly refreshed went for a hit as the others relaxed at the hotel. Although we parted ways for lunch, US representation would not be lost, to Olivia's absolute joy, the US soccer team scored with 2 min to go in over time putting them at the top of the pool! YESSSSS! Later we reconnected and this time the US team would experience what can only be described fierce German national pride, while we sat down for dinner surrounded in a sea of crazy Deutschland supporters! With Maria Elena snapping pictures and Khaled generously buying our dinner we were able to experience the true energy that is football! And now we look forward (especially Amanda) to a cozy nights sleep so that we start the day with pizazz, ready to dominate!

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