Friday, June 25, 2010

Final Prep Day

This morning we all woke up for a nice 9 o’clock breakfast–or so we thought. When we got downstairs we found out that Amanda had been woken up early for a random drug testing by the tournament directors.

After breakfast we made our way to the courts for a hit. We played a few games–Jack said the best way to get used to the courts is to play games. Once everyone felt prepared we packed it up and tried to get on the shuttle to the hotel. We had to wait a long time (very un-German-like) for the shuttle but finally got dropped off directly at our favorite new lunch spot - Vappiano. Katie and Maria Elena had a hard time getting the chef to cook what they really wanted but in the end no one went home hungry.

After lunch Olivia headed into the city to do some pre-tournament shopping with some of our new international friends: Tamika (Australia) and Catalina Palaez (Columbia) while the other girls worked on cleaning their hotel rooms and modeling our new Harrow uniforms.

Everyone reconvened in the center of Cologne to check out the cathedral and grab some dinner. On the way home we learned the art of ghosting people (following strangers copying exactly what they do) while buying the tickets at the tram station to go back to our hotel. As Haley was ghosting Jack to the tracks they got separated from the rest of the group and then we all missed the train - but luckily there was another one 5 minutes later.

Once back at the hotel we made a plan for breakfast and shuttle bus times to make sure we are all on time for the opening ceremonies in the morning. Then everyone was off to bed to get some sleep before the first day of action.

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