Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Katie was the first to meet up with Jack. They trained it from Wilmington to Newark Airport where they met Maria Elena coming from Connecticut. After a few mechanical issues the plane took off for Hamburg, Germany; where we almost missed their connecting flight! But made it just in time, unfortunately our bags did not make it as fast as they did. Luckily the airport gave us emergency survival kits that helped greatly. Haley left from JFK on her own, sitting next to a Lithuanian couple that kept her very entertained. She made it bags and all to the Dorint Hotel to meet up with Jack and the other girls in time for lunch. After that, they came back to hotel for some down time. In order to stay awake we took a swim in the beautiful spa pool. Haley being the only one with a swim suit- the others were reluctant to go in, but ended up going in one way or another. Olivia and her sister Georgia took the train from Amsterdam to meet us for dinner. It will be an early night for everyone trying to fight the jet lag, but we are all excited for some training and exploration of Koln tomorrow!

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  1. Great to hear the news from abroad! Glad you're having fun. Good luck to the girls tomorrow.