Saturday, June 26, 2010

Game on

Round of 32

The first round matches included mix results for Team USA. Olivia and I won our first round matches, the youngsters weren’t so lucky. Haley, Maria Elena, and Katie fell 3 love but put up a good. This was the first time for Katie and Maria Elena to be representing the US at a World Championship, and although they lost, they gained valuable learning experience to take with them in future matches. Tomorrow, with a fresh start, each member of the team will show their opponent what the US is really made of.

Round of 16

Today was the second round of matches for everyone and US performed very well. Haley was first up beating her opponent from Germany in four tight games. Katie also prevailed, pulling through to win in five over the #1 Austrian. Maria Elena put up a good fight against her French opponent, only to lose in a close four gamer.

The afternoon session was great for the US. Olivia performed beautifully and put to rest last summer’s tough round of 16 loss in the 2009 World Juniors. Olivia was poised and got the win over Melissa Alves of France was in three tight games.

I was next up taking on an up and coming Egyptian, Yathreb Adel. It was a tense affair but I stuck to my game plan and managed a close 4-game win. Two Americans in the quarterfinals is a great accomplishment for the team and represents how far the USA has come internationally.

Now, we can enjoy the rest of the night and cheer on USA in the World Cup. GO USA!!!!

Amanda Sobhy

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